“Architecture is Art?”

“Architecture is art. I don’t think you should say that too much, but it is art. I mean, architecture is many, many things. Architecture is science, is technology, is geography, is typography, is anthropology, is sociology, is art, is history. You know all this comes together. Architecture is a kind of bouillabaisse, an incredible bouillabaisse. And, by the way, architecture is also a very polluted art in the sense that it’s polluted by life, and by the complexity of things.” -Renzo Piano


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  1. Alan Federico Aguilar says:

    The artist I chose is Tony Smith. He was born in 1912 in South Orange, New Jersey. He started his art career as a painter and by being an architect. He was professionally trained in the Art Students League of New York and studied under artist such as George Bridgeman, George Grosz, and Vaclav Vytlacil. Notably he worked for Frank Lloyd Wright’s firm as an architect. Smith, throughout career, taught minimalist sculptures at different universities around the United States. Unfortunately he passed away form a heart attack in 1998, but his work still lived on as a great influence In the American Minimalist art movement.
    One of his works in particular has inspired me to think in a whole new sense. The work of art is titled Asteriskos and it was finished in 1968. It resides as a permanent art piece that the McNay Art Museum displays outdoors. The Asteriskos stands striking the geometric properties produced by steel. The overall shape of the sculpture exists in an implied perfect cube with the dimensions of 16’8” all around. This use of a completely symmetrical object creates a harmonious sense of balance. Although the sculpture is geometric in nature, the composition displays a circular flow of the eye.
    Artist Link: http://www.matthewmarks.com/new-york/artists/tony-smith/
    Sit- meditates, rest, thinking, builds, contemplation, observation, to ponder, to reflect, comfort, painting
    Stand- work, action, motion, gestures, achievement, purposeful, to create, determination, strength, reason
    Lie- rest, sleep, horizontal, slumber, flat, plane, nap, parallel, relaxation, imagination
    Wall- Barrier, territory, shade, mental, physical, barricade, terrain, spiritual, divider, fence,

    A wall either physical or mental can create an oasis that brings out an emotional response in adaptation to the human body regarding the three main actions, siting, standing and laying down.
    The site introduces itself with a pathway of neatly placed rocks. The trails of rocks are surrounded with vivid green grass. There is also a random scatter of Blue Bonnets to disconnect oneself from restraint. The trail then circles around a shallow source of water. The cooled wind produced by the passing of the water source nurtures the living environment. Then you finally reach the structure. At first glance you could see a wooden structure detached from the ground connecting with wilderness at its opposite side. Steps are extruded from a wall to elevate you mentally and physically onto the platform. The Structure then filters the violent sun rays with wooden screens on both vertical walls, but notably more heavily on the wall facing west. The walls are reinforced with a natural insulator called HempFlax. HempFlax is a natural insulator that moderates the moisture level by absorbing and keeps a healthy organic indoor climate. The vertical walls are attached to a flat plane and by a convex assembly on the top that provides an additional source of shade. Both horizontal walls have a gap to encourage air circulation. At the end of the structure you can see a vast opening of light. It greets you with nothing but a wooden form facing outward. The wooden arrangement is aimed towards a vast opening. The vertical walls end but the horizontal walls continue. Wind presents itself by rushing through the woods. The opening creates an oasis with the wilderness. The seclusion with the wilderness seems otherworldly. A place of mediation where once can sit and be one with nature. The wooden assembly presents a place to lie or sit on. This shelter provides an isolated oasis to welcome those to find themselves.

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